Jim Hickey guitar/mandolin/bass/slide guitar/synth/banjo/ "synth-computer" guitar/composer/ producer

I have a few new charts I've written for larger enembles(8 pieces). These arrangements are written for trombone, tenor, alto, trumpet and 4-piece rhythm section.

If you have any questions,contact me at(212)592-4746

  • alto sax
  • tenor sax
  • trumpet
  • trombone
  • guitar and bass
  • piano/synth
  • The chord changes for rhythm section are now posted on this page. If you'd like to experiment with the charts,try switching the tenor and trumpet parts. See what happens. Let the tenor play the trumpet part and vice versa. I've already heard this played live recently and the parts blended well together. I'll post an mp3 of this arrangement soon, Enjoy! llHome Pagell e-mail l(website by Jim)